IEMT:  “Change in the blink of an eye”.


IEMT: The brief change technique that works to resolve undesired emotions and our ways of being.

Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) is a developing area brief change work that explores the area of undesired emotions and our ways of being. The process opens up the possibility of creating the appropriate change in our emotional lives.

“IEMT is not the grand unified theory of therapy and change work and is an evolving model. It is an invaluable adjunctive for the trained therapist and when used in experienced hands, can provide an excellent remedial tool for emotional change, plus a generative tool for identity change.  IEMT enables positive results where previously a good outcome might have appeared improbable”. ~Andrew T Austin, creator of IEMT

IEMT is an extremely effective brief therapy that achieved change for clients where nothing was working before. This rapid change process can be used with great effect as a content free tool for dealing with trauma and other negative emotions. It can also be used as a generative tool for identity level change. IEMT addresses and resolves the question, “how did this person learn to feel this way about this thing?” and “how did this person learn to be this way?”

I offer this therapy to anyone, not just mums-to-be! If you would like to chat about how this could work to resolve negative emotions, thoughts or feelings about any aspect of your life or deal with unhelpful or unwanted mindsets, please contact me.

Read testimonials from people whose lives have changed for the better, some in just ONE session!

HypnoBirthing and IEMT

One of the main aims in HypnoBirthing is to release fears and anxieties you may have about labour and birth. This can be challenging when previous negative experiences or fear of the unknown are weighing on your mind. Previous experiences of birth trauma can make a mum-to-be feel very nervous about going into labour. Situations that have ended up being outside one’s control (eg. emergency C-Section, assisted delivery etc), can leave a person with real concerns, fears or fixed beliefs that the same thing may occur again. IEMT works by addressing the emotions (eg: fear, anger, helplessness, anxiety) and the unhelpful identity states (eg: I’m just a worrier, I’m angry about what happened last time, I’m a wimp when it comes to pain etc). IEMT works quickly and effects lasting change, so can be used to address any issues arising during class.

With IEMT traumatic imagery is largely irrelevant to the process as it “addresses imprints of emotion for creating kinaesthetic change”. thus, parents/mums-to-be don’t need to share what can often be quite hard to express or verbalise, or divulge very personal and intimate information about the issue being handled. As a registered IEMT practitioner, I see it essentially as being of use in enabling change to deal with any immediate fears surrounding previous birth trauma or feelings and emotions brought up during classes. Because IEMT change work is fast and brief, issues can be handled and resolved ‘in situ’ during class. Where further therapy is necessary we can schedule a separate, private session. I believe IEMT gels really well with HypnoBirthing as it complements the release of fears and limiting beliefs surrounding the power of our bodies’ natural abilities to birth and the mind’s ability to heal itself from past pain.

Cost of private session:

HypnoBirthing clients: £45 per hour.
Non-HypnoBirthing clients: £60 per hour.

For more information on IEMT and how it can help to heal, please see the Integral Eye Movement Technique website.