The UK HypnoBirthing®: The Mongan Method  website with all associated information and resources
Watch calm, relaxed HypnoBirths on YouTube on the official HypnoBirthing channel
Thinking of having a homebirth? This is an super resource for those looking to have a birth in the comfort of their own home
“Mom’s job is to dilate, but baby’ s job is to rotate. When baby’s job is easier, labor is easier for mother as well”. Easier childbirth with foetal positioning, particularly useful for transverse or breech presentations, with exercises and solutions to naturally turn your baby
Wonderful site dedicated to gentle and natural parenting techniques from birth and beyond
Jane’s Breastfeeding Resources is an information website dedicated to the promotion of breastfeeding
Feel you’d prefer a one-to-one professional care from a midwife? Independent midwives provide their specialist expertise dedicated and tailored to your needs throughout your pregnancy and birth.
We had the pleasure of working with the highly experienced and knowledgeable independent midwife, Carrie McIntosh. We cannot recommend Carrie highly enough!
A doula is a lay person who provides emotional and practical support to pregnant women, new mothers and their partners and families during the time around childbirth.