Pregnancy Relaxation Class

1 hour session: £60

Calm mums = happy babies! This is a private relaxation session designed just for you where you can take time out to relax and bond with your baby. Suitable for pregnant mums at any stage of pregnancy, you can enjoy focussing on your body and your baby. You will learn basic breathing and visualisation techniques to enable your sense of calm and tranquillity in a safe environment with a qualified HypnoBirthing practitioner. It’s perfect for mums-to-be who are looking for a complimentary element to their NCT or other antenatal classes.

Inspired by ancient traditions of celebrating the Sacred Feminine and incorporating guided imagery with effective breathing techniques, my meditation classes are designed to honour this wonderful evolution from woman to mother, whether this is your first baby or you have had children before.

The sessions are based around the HypnoBirthing principles of enabling a calm, relaxed state through positive visualisation, breathing and guided imagery.  We will use techniques similar to those used in the Mongan Method course to aid you to relax, de-stress and help focus thoughts and intention to connect with your baby and your body. This creates a comfortable and harmonious experience for you both! This not only allows you to take time out to be peaceful and practice working with your body in advance of labour, but also helps you recognise and achieve the positive and calm state you can learn to achieve for your birthing day.

We will create positive affirmations and imagery you can use while in labour to help you mentally remain calm and relaxed as well as foster to optimal physical state of wellbeing to enjoy a smooth, comfy labour and birth, and I teach practical calm breathing techniques ensure you remain relaxed and your baby remains well-oxygenated during labour. This also enables your body to maximise production of the natural birth hormone, oxytocin and your body’s natural pain-killers, endorphins!

If you are working with a doula, we can talk about how to work with your birth supporter to use the same useful affirmations, phrasing and language used in the calming visualisations to support you during labour.  We can also go through things like birth physiology, positions for comfortable labour, hospital birth preferences and offer information to support breastfeeding and post-partum healing.

The £60 price includes handouts with sources of gentle birth stories and useful online HypnoBirthing and post-partum links, as well as some lovely positive birth imagery to use. Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended. Yoga mats and blankets are provided but you might like to bring a cushion or blanket, or anything that will help you feel more comfortable during your private session.